| Landescapes |

In 2002, I made my first diorama. It was an imaginary landscape complete with rolling green hills and endless blue skies. (Scroll down this page to see.) I tried to make it come to life with the aid of artificial light and a bird soundtrack. I was excited by this new work and it was exhibited in a show entitled The Milk of Human Kindness at Joymore Gallery in Chicago. Soon after, my husband and I packed up our things and drove away from Chicago in search of adventure. Living for a year out of a campervan forced me to scale down - my studio was literally a shoebox. As we traveled, I documented the passing scenes in the form of these much smaller, 2x2x2-inch, lighted dioramas. Coincidentally, fifteen years later, after crisscrossing the country many, many times and having spent over a decade based in Marfa, Texas, I discovered that the very first diorama I made turns out to be an actual place. It is definitely a springtime view and sound of the foothills that stretch from north to south on the eastern edge of Boise, Idaho, which happens to be our current home and basecamp.



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