| Radiant Interlude |

108_Radiant-Interlude_72dpi Radiant Interlude
28"w x 22"h, pencil, paint, gesso, plaster, sandpaper,
bullet casings, ash on birch wood, 2021

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

I made this piece as a way to meditate and work my way through the pain and uncertainty that is breast cancer. There's one painting for each day of radiation that I went through in the Spring of 2021. Twenty days total. As I lay on the radiation table each day holding my breath on command, I had but a few minutes to study and memorize the images, surfaces, lights and sounds around me. Once back in my studio, I would see what unfolded. As an artist, it was an excellent exercise in visual/mental focus and indirect drawing. As a human, it was healing. Some days were dark and it shows. Others reflect hope, even clarity. Many days I used fire as pigment, texture and rage.

Now that I'm finished with treatment and have started a five year daily dose of Tamoxifen, I feel like one of the lucky ones. Had I not gotten my mammogram (which was already over a year late because of covid) and had the awesome medical team at St. Luke's here in Boise not caught it right away, my story might be different. One in eight women will get breast cancer. Check your boobs. Get your mammograms.

10% of proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to a local group here in Idaho called Bustin Out of Boise that helps women get through treatment by providing housecleaning services, childcare, food, transportation to appointments and other needs. Another 10% will go to Casting for Recovery, a group who gave me the opportunity to do a free weekend breast cancer survivors retreat on the Salmon River where I learned how to fly fish and met so many amazing woman. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.


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