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| Chicken Littles |

I adore my hens. They provide an ample supply of eggs for my family each day. But they can be funny creatures. I often imagine that when one starts squawking at the top of her lungs, for no apparent reason, she must think she is announcing the end of the world. They really are the most frightened animals I've ever known.

On these large linen canvases, I have embroidered small hen Handimals in the image of the classic Chicken Little. "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" I made this series of work to talk about how some in the media as well as the Administration, are prone to inciting unnecessary fear and paranoia, especially when it comes to immigrants and the U.S. / Mexico border. "Terror! Terror! There are terrorists among us. Death is at our door. Build a wall! Lock the gate! Don't you see? The sky is falling!" I think this kind of behavior only encourages more hatred and more war.

Interesting to me that I made this work and wrote the words above a decade ago. It seems that we are in the same place yet again.

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"Build a Fence, Build a Wall, Lock the Gate, Kill Them All!",
wool embroidery on linen, 2007
Collection of Mary & Michael Claffey

"No, really, the sky IS falling!", wool embroidery on linen, 2007

"Threat level high... We're all going to die!", wool embroidery on linen, 2007


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