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| Tree Murals |

In 1863, French-Canadian fur trappers named the big river that runs through modern-day Boise, Idaho, "la Riviere Boisse," meaning "the wooded river," because it was heavily edged with cottonwoods and willows, quite a shock from the dry, sage-filled grasslands that were all around. Ever since, those who've settled in Boise have enthusiastically planted trees throughout for both fruit and shade, thus creating the "City of Trees," which is how Boise is often and fondly described.

Recently, I moved with my family to Boise, the "City of Trees." In the early 2000s, I painted many tree murals in homes and businesses across the country. Inspired by my newly-adopted, tree-loving city, I am very happy to be painting tree murals once again.


If you would like a tree mural in your home or shop, contact me for details.


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